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 Contact info:  Jerome (Jay) Rodger, Jr,  244 Parker St, #6, Gardner, MA  01440,  978-846-8047

Son of Spec - 4 Jerome L Rodger.   B Company Deployed from FT. Campbell on Original Roster.

Should you know what platoon or if you knew him personally please contact his son Jay

Pictured below.  He wants' to know more about his dad. As does the rest of his family.  Jimmy lost his life while his children were very young and now after all these years and the advent of the computer they wish to learn more and more about him.  As man, A solider and as an individual.




 He would also like to know what awards his Dad would have earned.  Even if it is unofficial, he could buy a CIB, VN service medal, etc., if he knew what his Dad would have earned them.  Anyone know? 

Jerry went home to see his dad the newspaper article is typed below.

The touch of a hand was the supreme bit on Christmas cheer that came to one local resident this week.
     He is Jerry Rodger, veteran telephone company employee, who suffered a stroke and now lies in a state of semi-consciousness under oxygen, at Little Traverse Hospital.
            Jerry Rodger smiled acknowledgement, as his son pfc. Jerome Rodger,4th btn'n,503 Reg't, Airborne, grasped his father's hand, after traveling across 2 continents and the world's greatest ocean in just 2 days to be at his father's side.
      It was December 16th when Jerry Rodger suffered the stroke. It was Dec. 18th when Jerome walked fresh out of the jungles of Viet Nam, into his father's hospital room.
          When the Red Cross wire was received at Bien Hoa, it was General Westmoreland who got the message and told Rodger, who is a communications specialist attached to the Bien Hoa headquarters, o "Get lost--beat it for home!"
         He was immediately flown by chopper to Saigon,25 miles distant, ands taken aboard a Boeing 707 which flew non-stop to Chicago.
          At Pellston, his mother, and brother Jeff, who had completed a tour of duty with the Navy, Labor Day, were on hand to meet him.  It was the whole Rodger family--together again--all except for pops.
     The three Rodgers have been staying day and night at Jerry's bedside waiting for him to regain full consciousness--as well as his health. Their prospects for a Merrier Christmas are reported to be improving steadily.

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