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In  Memory of

Larry H. Knight PFC


Killed at Ft. Campbell, Ky. on a live fire training exercise prior to our departure.

Also wounded that day was  PFC Richard L. Gibbons, from Honey Grove, PA.


Story by Richard L. Gibbons


Larry and I (Richard) were stupidly put out on a listening post prior to the live firing exercise and then forgotten about.  When the shooting started Larry, who was sitting on a log was hit immediately.  He groaned loudly and fell forward and was dead.  As of that moment not a shot was heard.  I was lying on the ground with my elbow propped up on the log.  That log was between me and the company.  When Larry fell forward I knew he was hit and the exercise had started now I heard the gun fire.  I dropped my elbow to the ground and crawled in front of the log to cover as much of my body as I possibly could.  Praying that the log was strong enough to save me.  Protecting most of my torso and leaving my some of my legs exposed which was where I got hit.


Richard in his hospital bed at Ft. Campbell, KY.

Lto R:  Danny Shain, Roger Braycewski, Bob Spence, Richard Gibbons, Ernestine (Tina) Pappas



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