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In Memory of

PFC Raymond L. Tipton Operation Junction City

B Co. 4/503/173

I knew Ray personally as he traveled by my side and that of willie Higdon for several months.  Oxford Was our squad leader.   1st squad and that would be with weapons platoon during the first half of our tour.   I left for R&R in Japan (Note: I can't remember when I went to Japan) and upon my return he was transferred to another platoon or perhaps even another company.  Fact of the matter is I never saw him again.

This picture was cut out of the New York times by my Mother.  The first time I knew of this is when I returned home.  In fact, Mom is responsible for collecting and saving all the newspaper articles that I have posted.

Ray Tipton was a medic also.  He had severe problems with PTSD and alcohol after Vietnam and was admitted to treatment at a VA hospital in Arizona.  All his records were mixed up, so I wrote a letter to the VA for him to explain and verify his service in Vietnam with the 173rd.  He had been hit in a firefight and had some shrapnel in the neck as I remember.  He was released from the VA treatment program and called me to say he was coming through Iowa and he'd stop to visit.  I never saw him. At the 173d reunion in 1995 in Rochester, MN, Eddie Sullivan told me that Ray's ex-wife had called to tell him that Ray had committed suicide


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