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Killed in action 4/503d = 51 

Very brave men lost their lives and they will never be forgotten!     

 Alpha = 7     Bravo = 16     Charlie = 22     Delta = 6


4/503D KIA June 6, 1966 - June 5, 1967                                   2008 Reunion


NAME, RANK, AGE, HOME OF RECORD                                 NAME READ BY


June 6, 1966 departure from Ft Campbell, KY


June 25, 1966 Arrival at Vung Tau, RVN


July 27, 1966

Joseph Francis Hunt, C Co, SSG, age 25, Lewisburg, PA                           

Joe David Kegley, C Co, PFC. age 24, Great Falls, MT                               

Carlos David Moore, Medic, C Co, PFC, age 18, Harlan, KY                     

James Larry McCrystal, C Co, PFC, age 19, Little Rock, AR                     

Melvin Warren McDowell, C Co, PFC, age 18, Delhi, CA              

Jerry L Schemel, C Co, PFC, age 19, Drayton Plains, MI                            

August 14, 1966

Daryl Raymond Corfman, A Co, PFC, age 21, Sycamore, OH                  

August 23, 1966

Rayfon Lofton, B Co, PFC, age 21, Chattanooga, TN                                

September 15, 1966

Joseph Lloyd Miller, C Co, SGT, age 22, Denver, CO                                

September 16, 1966

Edward Garry Rankin, A Co, PFC, age 19, Waynesboro, VA                    

October 24, 1966

George Belanger, C Co, PFC, age 19, Waterville, ME

October 29, 1966

Thomas Respress, B Co, PFC, age 22, Toledo, OH                                     

October 31, 1966

Eleftherios Pantel Pappas, B Co, SP4, age 23, NYC, NY                           

January 11, 1967

Eugene Cabbegestalk, C Co, PVT, age 20, Pittsburgh, PA                        

January 14, 1967

Lonnie Allen Floyd, C Co, SP4, age 19, Chattanooga, TN                         

January 15, 1967

Frank Howard Laskin, D Co, PFC, age 19, Washington, DC                   

John R. Prince, D Co, SSG, age 41, Chattanooga, TN                              

January 16, 1967

Mario Ramirez, D Co, SGT, age 23, Oakland, MI                                     

Frank Lee Smith, B Co, PFC, age 25, Stanwood, WA                              

Arthur Wayne Wilkie, B Co, SP4, age 23, Hendersonville, NC                 

Jerome Vincent Zerfass, B Co, PFC, age 20, Bethlehem, PA                    

January 22, 1967

Ronald Lynn Pendergist, A Co, CPL, age 21, Augusta, AR                                 

March 6, 1967

Ronald Wayne Lyerly, A Co, PFC, age 20, Salisbury, NC                        

March 7, 1967

Bennie Lee Cross, D Co, SGT, age 23, Cairo, IL                                       

Charles F. Kennedy, D Co, SGT, age 32, Blytheville, AK                        

James Kelly Keith, III, B Co, PFC, age18, Chattanooga, TN                    

March 9, 1967

Gerald Edward Bartram, Medic, B Co, PVT, age 19, Chicago, IL          

Freddie Lynn Friar, B Co, PFC, age 22, Blytheville, AK                         

Willis Lee Furney, B Co, SGT, age 20, Macon, GA                                  

March 26, 1967

Ivy Thomas Anderson, A Co, SSG, age 36,West Palm Beach, FL              

John Henry James, Jr, A Co, SP5, age 24, NYC, NY                                

Stephen Michael Minick, A Co, SGT, age 19, Salisbury, PA                      

March 27, 1967

David Allen Drown, C Co, SP4, age 18, Fairhaven, MA                           

March 29, 1967

David Lewis Glasscock, C Co, SP4, age 22, Rockwall, TX                       

April 7, 1967

Henry Hwey Gamble, B Co, CPL, age 22, West Palm Beach, FL             

Ross Allen Gaston, B Co, PFC, age 22, Fairfield, AL                                  

Jerry Robert Miller, B Co, CPL, age 19, Baldwin Park, CA                      

Thomas Patterson, B Co, SGT, age 20, Savannah, GA                             

April 8, 1967

Don Leslie Michael, C Co (CMH), SP4, age 19, Lexington, AL             

Higinio Ovalle Oviedo, C Co, PFC, (SS) age 22, Raymondville, TX               

May 14, 1967

Joseph L.Duckett, Jr, C Co, PFC, age 19, Washington, DC                                      

May 17, 1967

Winfree Alderman, C Co, age 20, Burgaw, NC                                      

Edward Oran Claeys, C Co, PFC, age 20, Fremont, CA                          

George Ray Edwards, C Co, SP5, age 25, Pontiac, MI                           

Steven Michael Haniotes, C Co, PFC, age 19, East Liverpool, OH         

William Coy Turner, C Co, SP4, age 21, Chance, KY                            

May 20, 1967

David Lee Fennessey, D Co, SSG, age 22, Buffalo, NY                         

Gerald Charles Hague, B Co, PFC, age 21, Maiden Rock, WI                

Norman Perry Howie, Jr, C Co, PFC, age 20, Concord, NC                        

David Joseph Johnson, C Co, PFC, age 20, Los Angeles, CA                    

May 22, 1967

Samuel Proctor, Jr, B Co, CPL, age 21, St Simons Island, GA               


KIA from 4/503d = 51 

A Co =    7

B Co =  16

C Co =  22

D Co =    6


June 5, 1967 returned to CONUS