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4/503d MEDICS JUNE 66 JUNE 67                           6/27/06


Because of the men whose names are below, many troopers of our battalion are alive today.  Their incredible courage, dedication to their comrades, and the sacrifices they made will never be forgotten.  Many of them were assigned to more than one rifle company during their tour with the 4/503d.


* This list is not complete. If you know any other medics who served with the 4/503d in this period, or if you know where some of them were from, or the company they supported, please let us know.



NAME                                                ASSIGNED TO         REMARKS


Price, Robert E, Jr, Cpt, MC                HHC                            Doctor in Durham, NC

Ethington, MSC                                    HHC


Bartram, Gerald                                                                        KIA 3/9/67 (from Chicago)
Best, Ron                                             B Co                            In Iowa

Brooks, James  E                                                                      Was from Cleveland?

Brown, Thomas                                    D Co                            Was from Philadelphia

Caldwell, Colin

Carpenter, Grady L

Choate, Richard E                                                                    In Missouri?

Cook, Buford, Jr                                  HHC                            Clarksville, TN

Cook, Thomas E                                  C Co, Sr Medic           In Oklahoma

Cordova, Arthur                                  

Darby, Bruce E                                    D Co                            Died in California in 86-87

Daugherty, Kenneth                             

Davenport, William L

?Durham, Robert L                              

Freeman, Eric R                                  

Gasbarra, Robert A                              HHC                            Killed- auto accident before

Gonzales, Guadalupe

Goodwin, Mike D                                B Co                            In Mississippi

Green, Moses                                       C Co                            KIA 3/3/67, (Jamaica, NY)

Guerrero, Francisco (Frank)                                                     In Chicago

Guthrie, Perry L                                    HHC

Holmes, Leroy

Houston, Leon C                                  B Co                            Was from NYC

Huller, Charles (Chuck)                        B Co                            In New York

Joyner, Perry W                      

Loomis, David W

Lynch, (James or John)?                      

McDade, Carl H

?Meriwether, Antonio R                      

Moore, Carlos  D                                 C Co, 2d Plt                 KIA 7/27/66

Olivares, Ricardo                                                                      West Covina, CA

Ortiz, Fred                                           A Co                            In California

Palos, Guadalupe                                  A & B Co

Palulis, Vic                                           B Co

Probst, Steve G                                    Several                         Was from Chicago

Shepard, Alesandro                              Plt Sgt

Simmons, Willie                                                                        Was from MS; went to NYC

Stesiak, Gerald K                                 A Co                            In Florida

Stewart, Steven E                                                                     Was from Philly

Tipton, Ray


Washington, Donald M                                                

Williams, James P





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