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4/503D KIA June 6, 1966 - June 5, 1967

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Provided by Jack Tarr


 (Date updated 4/27/07)


* NOTE:  At the 4/503d reunion, June 23d, 2006, the date was read and then a comrade spoke the name of the trooper who lost his life in Vietnam.  A bell rang after each name was spoken.  The names of those who spoke their comrade’s name will be put on this document as a remembrance of that trooper and the night his name was spoken and remembered.



NAME, RANK, AGE, HOME OF RECORD                                   NAME READ BY


June 6, 1966 – departure from Ft Campbell, KY


June 25, 1966 – Arrival at Vung Tau, RVN


July 27, 1966

Joseph Francis Hunt, C Co, SSG, age 25, Lewisburg, PA                                Bob Read

Joe David Kegley, C Co, PFC. age 24, Great Falls, MT                                  Jim Satterfield

Carlos David Moore, Medic, C Co, PFC, age 18, Harlan, KY                      Bob Read

James Larry McCrystal, C Co, PFC, age 19, Little Rock, AR                            Jim Satterfield  

Melvin Warren McDowell, C Co, PFC, age 18, Delhi, CA                              Jim Satterfield  

Jerry L Schemel, C Co, PFC, age 19, Drayton Plains, MI                                Jim Satterfield  


August 14, 1966

Daryl Raymond Corfman, A Co, PFC, age 21, Sycamore, OH                        Bob Bailey


August 23, 1966

Rayfon Lofton, B Co, PFC, age 21, Chattanooga, TN                         Hugh Kelley


September 15, 1966

Joseph Lloyd Miller, C Co, SGT, age 22, Denver, CO                                    Bob Wolfgang


September 16, 1966

Edward Garry Rankin, A Co, PFC, age 19, Waynesboro, VA                        Alton Goss


October 24, 1966

George Belanger, C Co, PFC, age 19, Waterville, ME                                    Bob Wolfgang


October 29, 1966

Thomas Respress, B Co, PFC, age 22, Toledo, OH                                       Hugh Kelley


October 31, 1966

Eleftherios Pantel Pappas, B Co, SP4, age 23, NYC, NY                                Hugh Kelley


January 11, 1967

Eugene Cabbegestalk, C Co, PVT, age 20, Pittsburgh, PA                            Jesse Beacham


January 14, 1967

Lonnie Allen Floyd, C Co, SP4, age 19, Chattanooga, TN                             Walter Pearson


January 15, 1967

Frank Howard Laskin, D Co, PFC, age 19, Washington, DC            Joe Flesch

John R. Prince, D Co, SSG, age 41, Chattanooga, TN                       Joe Flesch


January 16, 1967

Mario Ramirez, D Co, SGT, age 23, Oakland, MI                                        Joe Flesch

Frank Lee Smith, B Co, PFC, age 25, Stanwood, WA                                  Hugh Kelly

Arthur Wayne Wilkie, B Co, SP4, age 23, Hendersonville, NC                      Hugh Kelly

Jerome Vincent Zerfass, B Co, PFC, age 20, Bethlehem, PA             Hugh Kelly


January 22, 1967

Ronald Lynn Pendergist, A Co, CPL, age 21, Augusta, AR                           Larry Coleman


March 6, 1967

Ronald Wayne Lyerly, A Co, PFC, age 20, Salisbury, NC                            Richard Gibbs


March 7, 1967

Bennie Lee Cross, D Co, SGT, age 23, Cairo, IL                                          Joe Flesch

Charles F. Kennedy, D Co, SGT, age 32, Blytheville, AK                             Bob Carpenter

James Kelly Keith, III, B Co, PFC, age18, Chattanooga, TN             Hugh Kelley


March 9, 1967

Gerald Edward Bartram, Medic, B Co, PVT, age 19, Chicago, IL                Gerry Stesiak

Freddie Lynn Friar, B Co, PFC, age 22, Blytheville, AK                                Hugh Kelley

Willis Lee Furney, B Co, SGT, age 20, Macon, GA                                      Hugh Kelley


March 26, 1967

Ivy Thomas Anderson, A Co, SSG, age 36,West Palm Beach, FL                 Charles Vickers 

John Henry James, Jr, A Co, SP5, age 24, NYC, NY                       Nathaniel Ford Stephen Michael Minick, A Co, SGT, age 19, Salisbury, PA                John Mendez


March 27, 1967

David Allen Drown, C Co, SP4, age 18, Fairhaven, MA                                Jim Satterfield


March 29, 1967

David Lewis Glasscock, C Co, SP4, age 22, Rockwall, TX                          Larry Wisneski


April 7, 1967

Henry Hwey Gamble, B Co, CPL, age 22, West Palm Beach, FL                  Hugh Kelley

Ross Allen Gaston, B Co, PFC, age 22, Fairfield, AL                        Hugh Kelley      

Jerry Robert Miller, B Co, CPL, age 19, Baldwin Park, CA                          Hugh Kelley

Thomas Patterson, B Co, SGT, age 20, Savannah, GA                                 Hugh Kelley


April 8, 1967

Don Leslie Michael, C Co (CMH), SP4, age 19, Lexington, AL              Alan Boyle

Higinio Ovalle Oviedo, C Co, PFC, age 22, Raymondville, TX                Alan Boyle


May 14, 1967

Joseph L.Duckett, Jr, C Co, PFC, age 19, Washington, DC                         Alan Boyle


May 17, 1967

Winfree Alderman, C Co, age 20, Burgaw, NC                                           Alan Boyle

Edward Oran Claeys, C Co, PFC, age 20, Fremont, CA                             Alan Boyle

George Ray Edwards, C Co, SP5, age 25, Pontiac, MI                               Alan Boyle

Steven Michael Haniotes, C Co, PFC, age 19, East Liverpool, OH             Alan Boyle

William Coy Turner, C Co, SP4, age 21, Chance, KY                                Alan Boyle


May 20, 1967

David Lee Fennessey, D Co, SSG, age 22, Buffalo, NY                             Joe Flesch

Gerald Charles Hague, B Co, PFC, age 21, Maiden Rock, WI                    Hugh Kelley

Norman Perry Howie, Jr, C Co, PFC, age 20, Concord, NC                       Alan Boyle          

David Joseph Johnson, C Co, PFC, age 20, Los Angeles, CA                 Alan Boyle  


May 22, 1967

Samuel Proctor, Jr, B Co, CPL, age 21, St Simons Island, GA                Ed Sullivan



KIA from 4/503d = 51 

A Co =    

B Co =  16

C Co =  22

D Co =    6


June 5, 1967 – returned to CONUS


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