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4th Battalion - 503rd Infantry - 173rd Airborne Brigade (SEP)


Provided by Jack Tarr  



4/503d CHAPTER ETERNAL                            Up dated on 11/8/08

84 Geronimo brothers who died before deployment or after 6/4/67.  Some died n subsequent tours or after extending.  NOK listed where known.



Gasbarra, Robert A; PFC; Medic, HHC; died-car accident before June, 66

Knight, Larry H, B Co; PFC, Detroit died in training accident, Ft Campbell April, 66

Palmer, Larry P, PFC; Medic, HHC; died in auto accident in TN in May, 66


KIA AFTER JUNE 1967 (13)

Acosta, John Wayne, C Co; KIA 7/27/68; buried in Little Rock Nat’l Cemetery, AR

Bamvakais, John, D Co; From MO; WIA 1/12/67, drowned in VN 9/28/67

Beach, Myron, PSG, A Co, KIA 7/10/67

Crozier, David, HHC & D; KIA 7/10/67 w/B Co

English, Glenn, HHC; KIA on later tour; MOH

Huggins, Daniel F.(aka 'Lightning'), B Co., KIA 10 July 1967, Hill 830, from FL

Klossek, Gerald (Gerry); C Co; age 21, Newark, NJ; KIA 11/21/67

Laird, Richard F, HHC, KIA 6/12/67 after extending

Rabel, Laszlo; A & D Co; With 173d until KIA 11/13/68.  MOH;  Ranger Hall of Fame

Retzlaff, Skip, LT; FO, 3/319; with B Co, 4/67 -; KIA 7/10/67 (Wolfgang)

Spencer, Dan E., A Co; Bend, OR, in famous photo, Agony of War; KIA 11/12/68 w/ SF

Spier, Harry, B Co; KIA 7/10/67; buried in Tyler, TX

Williams, Walter D, Major, HHC; S3; Hill 830, 7/10/67; widow, Julia A Williams,

    welcomes calls from anyone who knew her husband.



Acerra, Mario V, A Co; died in 1993 – no details avail

Almeida, Paul, A Co; died in Upper Darby, PA in 2005 (Ramirez met)

Amaya, Paul R, B Co; died in PA in 1996

Andrews, Nathaniel, SSG, C Co - died June 1989

Bagley, Winfred D, A Co; died 1991; widow in Calhoun, GA

Bailey, Robert N (Nancy); A Co; died 4/13/07; 523 Overlook Ln, Mountain City, TN 

Baine, Warren, D Co; died 1998, prob Sparta, TN; son in Charlotte, NC:

Beaman, Lawrence, C Co; PFC; died 2005 in Fairmont, WV

Blakely, Dennis P/R, HHC; (Wm who went to D Co?) Widow said he died March 2007

Blegen, Michael D, B Co; Died of lung cancer in 1999.  Widow, Sharon, in Terrebonne,

Bowman, Chester O (Butch)(Teresa); HHC;  Seattle, WA  98125;

   206-362-3337 (died in motorcycle accident, 5/10/07 in WA)

Jack Boyd, C Co; Jack died of lung cancer at noon, November 13th.  His widow, Dorothy; is at 5105 Center Terrace, Wilmington, DE 19802-1748; 302-482-2452;;

Boykins, Clinton J, C Co; son said died in Maxton, NC in 2002

Bradshaw, PSG Harold, B Co; Died of heart attack, Clarksville, TN or Ft. Campbell

Breecher, Adolph J, E5, C Co; died in MI 1992; dau-in-law in OH

Chabot, Denis A (Micheline); B & D Co; Died early Feb 2008; 12559 Wages Waye, Jacksonville, FL  

Cowart, Howard C, A Co; died of Agent Orange in Brooklyn in 1998; brother, Billie E

   (82d and SF)

Crook, Eddie, 1SG, C Co; Died in Columbus, GA area in late 2004-early 2005 (Mrs

   Winfrey said); Olympic Boxing Tm, joined C Co late and was 1SG;

Cruz, Robert O, HHC; Died Jan 08; (Susan) 2120 Hoof Print Ln, Lakeland, FL 

Danieley, Ronnie K (Keith) (Regina), HHC;  Athens, WV   Died of black lung disease, 3/26/08

Darby, Bruce E, Medic, D Co; died 86-87, San Fran, CA, buried Golden Gate Nat’l Cmtry

Deems, John M (Mike) & Chris; HHC & D Co,  Springfield, VA  died of cancer 1/20/08; burial at USMA, NY

Dennis, Wilmer, SSG, HHC; deceased, Tallahassee, AL

Depazzo, Leo J, Jr, B Co; Uncle, Louis in MD said he died 30 yrs ago:

DuPont, Charles & Ann, 1SG; -- Co, died 1992 (Ramirez in touch)

Faith, Jeremy T, HHC; died in OR in 2002; 503-761-8514, Portland, OR  97233

Flaherty, Ray, HHC; died in FL of cancer 9/11/06, Merritt Island,

Friar, Billy S.; HHC & D Co; Fire Chief; died of cancer 2004; widow at:  Waller Lake, MI   son, Freddie, Jr; Ramirez & Adams in touch

Goins, Jim, SSG, C Co; died 1989 from unknown causes. Buried in Mountain Home Nat’l Cemetery, TN (Roy)

Gutierrez, Pete D Co; died of heart attack at Jefferson Barracks, MO; was NG unit, buried in Arlington, TX, his hometown.

Haggarty, John, A Co; died peacefully 6/19/06; military funeral;  St Petersburg, FL 

Hampton, Don H, A Co; Died 6/30/03, in WA

Jambor, Jozsef, Sgt, D Co; Died early 2007 after Agent Orange & strokes; buried Sand Hill Vets Cmtry, NC. Son, Joe, Jr, has memorabilia & welcomes calls:

Jasmin, Robert, Jr; A Co; died June 2002 in Jax, FL; dau, Angela, welcomes contact from his friends

Jeffcoat, Marvin, LT, B Co; died as Bn CO, 101st, in plane crash in Newfoundland returning from Middle East in first Iraq war

Johnson, Ollie B, B Co; wife said he died “in the 80s” in Miami

Kizer, ?? died in NY; friend of Picott

Knighten, Tommy (TK), A Co; James Gaines said he died in TX

Krier, Carl, B Co; died of lung cancer in Center Valley, PA in 1998

Lackland, Eugene, C Co; 8/2/07; sister said he died in 79; buried in Nat’l Cmtry, Memphis; son served. Memphis, TN 

Ledford, Harry G M, C Co; died in Evansville, IN in 2002

Lee, Dennis Paul, B Co 3/67.  Died 2001 in Fayetteville, NC

Lee, Richard A, C Co; died in Cleveland, OH in 2003

Lloyd, Murphy L (ex wife Janice), D Co; Died 2/9/08; Detroit, MI 

Mayor, Robert G, A Co; died ??? in ??? Jackson, MS

Mazurkiewicz, Donald J; HHC & D Co; died after Xmas 2005 in Moreno Valley, CA

Means, John W, C/2 Co; Buried at Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge Reservation, SD

Meriwether, Antonio R (Larry?), Medic, HHC; died in TN in 2004 - Galbreath friend     

Miller, Jerry Ivan, C Co (joined 4/67); died of cancer in 1999; friend of Mike Torrence

Mills, Billy D, A Co; died in auto accident Nov 1987 near Bakersfield, CA; Ray R met sister of Shafter, CA.  

Mobley, Paul, A Co; died 2004; Alan Fried in touch with family

Nobles, James W, SGT, B Co; 1/07, wife in NC  said he died

Odekirk, Wm (Brad) A Co; died 1994 of heart attack after PTSD, in Bountiful, UT, in Lakeview Cemetery; Sister, Rose Ratcliffe;

Osborne, Ellwood S, D Co; CIB 10/66; Died Xmas Day 2007 in Norfolk, VA; widow, Hazel:

Oxford, Eduardo, B Co; died in VA hospital in Orlando FL,  died on 2-24-1997 - Son, Eduardo (Eddie), in Venezuela at:  Degenerative brain disease reported to be caused by Agent Orange.  Son contacted Roger Bray

Pen(n)erman, Raymond, HHC; died of heart atk in 82; wife, Mary, welcomes calls;  St Louis, MO 

Ratcliffe, Philander K (‘PK’). 1/LT, A Co; lady in Col Spgs said he died in 97 & buried in VA:

Jerome (Jerry) Rodger, B Co.  The son of Jerome Rodger (who deployed with B Company), contacted Roger Bray through Roger’s B/4/503d website.  Jerry died in 1986 after an accident.  Jay Rodger would like to hear from anyone who knew his father. 

Jerome (Jay) Rodger, Jr,  244 Parker St, #6, Gardner, MA  01440,  978-846-8047;  

Romball, Anthony J.(aka Heavy Drop), B Co. Died Fall 1977 at VA Med Ctr, MN.  Buried Twin City Veterans Cemetery, MN.

Rosenlof, George, C Co; died of cancer Feb/04; wife, Rhonda, in OR; son, Kyle,

   503-632-6608; 22455 S Dans St, Beavercreek, OR  97004-7609;

Santiago, Raul; A Co;  died 11/9/06;

Schroeder, Owen, 1SG, joined A Co in country; died in Clarksville, TN; Deseta & Mallen in touch w/family in Clarksville.

Shain, Danny L, B Co; died in Racine, OH in 2004

Shannon, Dave, C Co; joined 3/67; ret 1SG; died (Nelson knew)

Stamper, Thomas J, HHC; died of cancer in 2000, Annandale, VA; buried Arl Cmtry Widow, Nora, welcomes

Stillwell, Richard, HHC; Died in auto accident 11/22/02, in LA; buried Arl Cmtry

Storm, Stephen, A Co; died in Nashua, NH in 2005

Thorvik, Arne H, C Co; fm Norway; did undercover work; killed 1990 working as P/T security; buried in Michigan Cty, MI. Widow,

Tipton, Ray, Medic; HHC; PTSD; took his life in 94 or 95; wife contacted Ed Sullivan

Tovay, Glenn L; A Co; died of liver cancer in NJ in 1997; Brother, Robert,

Welch, Alphonse, C Co; SGT; Died in PA in 2004; Dennis Bryant knew

Winfrey, Olin, Jr, E-7, A Co; (Verdis Y), died Oct 2004 in GA; wife welcomes ctc

 Zavala, Salvadore, 1SG, B Co, died of cancer in ‘70s. His ashes spread on Bastogne DZ, Ft. Campbell, KY (Ramirez)


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