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4th Battalion 503rd Infantry Airborne - 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep) 1966- 1967


  Original Bravo Co. Picture April 1966 at Ft. Campbell Ky.

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Picture and Gen. Dean letter of 26 Jan 67 sent in by Noah McBride

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This is a must see. This is the Army's pictorial of our tour of duty!  Should you recognize yourself please let us know and give us the story concerning the photo.

4/503 Yearbook 66-67  Sent in by:  Hugh Kelley

Assembled and published by the 173rd Information Office  "Members of any Company during June 1966 - June 1967" are requested to provide any information or photos (with captions) about their participation in these operationsWith your help we can rebuild our forgotten past.

Should you have something to contribute please contact me.

A short story by Leo E. Hill  RE:  Captain Daniel Severson

Newspapers articles and award documents


In memory of Sp4 Arthur Wayne Wilkie


In memory of EDUARDO “OX” OXFORD                                                                   


In  memory of  Pfc Larry H. Knight


In Memory of Raymond L. Tipton


Recent B Co. member photos:  Page 1


David McCallister Bronze Star



The Brotherhood   
" I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite.  Not to tell stories or look at old pictures.  Not to laugh or weep.  Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who suffered and stripped of their humanity.

I did not pick these men.  They were delivered by fate and the military.  But I know them in a way I know no other men.  I have never given anyone such trust.  They were willing to guard something more precious than my life.  They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me.  It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another.   

As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day.  I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades.  Such good men."
Michael Norman


NOTE:  It would be great if all men who served with B Company or any company of the 4th battalion at any time during June 1966 - June 1967 would like to provide any information, photos (with captions) or stories about their participation in any operations.  All submission will be posted with credits.  Feel free to contact anyone listed below.  I have tried to remember you all however should you have been overlooked please contact me or any of the others mentioned on this web site.  Don't be left out.  This is your history let your stories be heard and your pictures be seen. 



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B Company - 1st Battalion - 501st Infantry - 101st Airborne Division

B Company - 4th Battalion - 503rd Infantry - 173rd Airborne Brigade (SEP)

RVN June 1966 - June 1967


Killed in action serving with the 4/503rd = 51 Very brave men lost their lives and they will never be forgotten!     

 Alpha = 7     Bravo = 16     Charlie = 22     Delta = 6



Add information, pictures or stories or have any questions about this site contact: : Roger Bray


B Co. Historian:  Hugh Kelley,

4th Battalion Historian:  Jack Tarr,  NOTE:  Jack has a roster of those who served after June 1967, contact him!

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